Four medical breakthroughs from Norway

A number of Norwegian companies have made a difference in the lives of patients all over the world.

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Tremendous strides have been made in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals during the past century.

These are the result of large and small advances made at laboratories, universities and hospitals around the globe. Below is a look at four Norwegian companies that have made vital contributions to medical science and who are poised to continue their ground-breaking work.

Ensuring reliable lab results
Modern medicine is practiced just as much in the laboratory as on a hospital ward. Laboratory tests of human samples – such as for identifying and measuring viruses, bacteria and microscopic components of the human body – are essential for determining a diagnosis, selecting the best course of treatment and dispensing the right dose of medicine. The quality of a hospital or doctor’s office is therefore highly dependent of the quality of its laboratory. But how can one ensure that methods and equipment yield reliable results?

Laboratory quality control is the answer. And it was invented in Norway.

In the 1950s, Professor Lorentz Eldjarn conducted the world’s first successful experiments using a standardised control serum for internal quality control at his laboratory at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet. Thirteen years later, the company SERO was born, and the world’s first commercially available control serum, Seronorm™, was launched.

SERO is still a pioneer in quality control materials. It has a steadily growing portfolio of standard and tailor-made products that are used around the globe for quality control of lab tests and calibration of equipment. The global market for laboratory quality control is currently some USD 905 million. Thanks to Norwegian research, doctors and researchers worldwide can trust their lab results.

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